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European ceramics is an established leader in natural stone flooring, wall and surfacing products, sourced from the many regions across the globe. For their newest offering, Petra, a unique branded marble series with integrated textures and exclusive finishes, we were tasked with creating a design identity for the range in a way that would celebrate the unique characteristics of the stone and reference the region of Origin.

Championing traditional extraction mastery in a powerful yet elegant manner. In quarries, marble in its raw form is extracted in large blocks. The new identity for Petra is a direct expression of this with the logo being a modern interpretation of a cube, acting as a bold, simple visual device.

The sample boxes, a key promotional device given to Architects and designers alike embodied and celebrated the soul of marble extraction with the cube marble sample sitting flush in a quarry like terrace, evoking the sense that they themselves are extracting the marble in a way that mimics traditional techniques.