At Urlich Studio, we are a full-service design studio specialising in brand identity, wayfinding, and environmental graphics. Our focus is on creating meaningful work that stems from a deep understanding of our clients and their target audience. We strongly believe that taking a functional approach to design is instrumental in helping our clients achieve their business goals.

With a comprehensive understanding of our clients' objectives, we strive to develop brand identities that not only visually resonate but also align with their core values. By delving into the mindset of their audience, we ensure that our designs effectively communicate the intended message and create a lasting impact.

Our Capabilities:

Brand Identity
Environmental Graphics
Signage & Wayfinding
Advertising Campaigns
Print & Packaging
Social Media

Jayson Urlich is the design lead at Urlich Studio, with a strong track record of success and numerous international design awards in the brand identity categories. With over 13 years of experience, he has collaborated with renowned brands like Bayleys, Vodafone, Hyundai, TED Talks, PWC, Google, Microsoft and Unilever.

Jayson’s passion for brand identities and functional design shines through his visually captivating work, blending creativity with functionality. Known for his efficiency and precision, he delivers projects promptly without compromising quality. His keen eye for functional design ensures projects are attention-grabbing and purposeful, while infusing energy into his work adds a vibrant quality to the brands he collaborates with.