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European ceramics is an established leader in natural stone flooring, wall and surfacing products, sourced from the many regions across the globe. 

For their newest offering, Petra, a unique branded marble series with integrated textures and exclusive finishes, we were tasked with creating a design identity for the range in a way that would celebrate the unique characteristics of the stone and reference the region of Origin – The Middle East - through accents of colour and imagery. 

To effectively celebrate the stone we deemed it necessary to celebrate the soul of the beautiful craft which is marble extraction. As such, the design in its entirety is predicated on, and looks to pay homage to, the intricacies of marble extraction. Championing traditional extraction mastery in a powerful yet elegant manner. 

In quarries, marble in its raw form is extracted in large blocks. The new identity for Petra is a direct expression of this with the logo being a modern interpretation of a cube, acting as a bold, simple visual device. While simultaneously doubling as a ‘P’ nicely developing new brand codes. 

Both the aesthetics and practical needs of the logo have been considered, with sections of the logo being able to be used to recreate a cube pattern as seen on the print material as a graphic pattern. 

The sample boxes, a key promotional device given to Architects and designers alike embodied and celebrated the soul of marble extraction with the cube marble sample sitting flush in a quarry like terrace, providing a sense of immersion for the recipient - evoking the sense that they themselves are extracting the marble in a way that mimics traditional techniques. 

The design of the booklet is about connecting people to the beauty of Petra stones and the location of extraction – The Middle East. The dramatic yet minimal style of the imagery used throughout the booklet are reflective of the stark natural beauty of The Middle East. While accents of gold sparingly used throughout the booklet are a tribute to the warm sand dunes found in this expansive region.