• Catalogue brochure
  • Sales suite design
  • Press ads
  • Signage
  • Website design

Nuffield Apartments

Urlich Studio were approached to the design the brochure, website and marketing communications for the new development in Newmarket. Renowned architect Neville Price designed Nuffield, a beautiful, cool green landmark building, offering owners privacy and individuality.

The approach was to create a strong visual scheme that would run seamlessly through the marketing collateral. We did this by using the focal point of the architect's vision of creating a green and private oasis. Plants and foliage are an important link to nature, reducing stress, producing oxygen, and providing privacy.

Using this visual scheme helped Nuffield Apartments separate themselves from the competition. The green and gold visual identity was then rolled across printed and digital collateral, including brochures, billboards, press ads and a display suite.